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Our Forensics Service reveals and documents exactly what has happened when a system has been breached, and work to recover, analyse, and authenticate lost data.

Our reverse engineers can provide malware analysis to determine attacker attribution and identify indicators of compromise.

Many of the cases we work with are part of police investigations, which require strict procedures for the storage and handling of evidence. We also have considerable experience working on both public and private sector case investigations.


Key features

  • Analysis of computer systems that have been breached.
  • Recovery, analysis and authentication of lost or corrupted data.
  • 24/7 availability.


  • Reduce infection time while complying with ISO 27001/27002.
  • Receive a full report with the results.
  • Our reports can be used in court for both civil and criminal proceedings.

Employ our Forensics Service. Uncover the evidence you need.

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