A proven analytics solution
that drastically reduces costs.


Particularly suited to medium and large organisations who need to augment their existing cyber security setup, our eCrime Analytics Services combine analysis of real-time online transaction data with actionable cyber crime intelligence.

A secure portal accessible from any web-capable device allows you to access the latest information from across the cyber intelligence community.

When an incident escalates, you can scale your incident response capacity using our Incident response team.

For global financial institutions, our eCrime Analytics Services have saved millions of dollars, simply by reducing customer reimbursements.

Preserve business continuity and


Preserve business continuity and mitigate losses on your digital platforms

Key features

Incident management

  • Fast malware analysis & collection
  • Detection & removal tools (stand-alone GUI tools)
  • 24/7 support and access to cyber security response specialists
  • Access to reverse engineers and forensic analysts

Customer protection

  • Heimdal Security Agent
  • Anti-fraud feeding system (CAFFS)
  • Drop Data feed
  • Anti-phishing service (including discover & takedown options)

Threat overview

  • Analysis and intelligence studies on emerging threats
  • Sinkhole statistics and banker trojan monitor
  • Management reports and customised threat reports
  • Data feeds (samples, malicious URLs, infected botnet IPs, etc.)


  • Drastically mitigate losses on your digital platforms
  • Optimise the deployment of your internal resources
  • Preserve business continuity

  • Stay in control of hacking, malware, phishing and hybrid attacks
  • Retain a complete overview of the threats targeting your brand
  • Avoid loss of corporate secrets or intellectual property
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Jesper Aarup


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eCrime Analytics services Augment your existing security setup.

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